retail store design, fixtures, displays and store planning

'because a great customer experience doesn't just happen...  it's designed'

 from a  vision to sales


retail store design and planning

what is it? 

  • Retail store design is part of your overall store branding and marketing.
  • Designer retail stores creates your unique store environment.
  • Designing a Retail Store is a strategic method to attract sales.
  • Helps optimize store operations.
  • Store layouts, fixture design and product displays.
  • Exterior and interior wayfinding store signage that appeals to customers.
  • Decor and lighting that enhances the customer experience.
  • Great store design helps build customer engagement and loyalty.

Overall, retail store fixtures and custom designs are essential elements in creating an attractive and functional shopping environment that maximizes product visibility, promotes sales, and reinforces a brand's identity.

Are you opening a new retail store?  

Renovating your store or adding new locations? 

Looking for a unique storedesign that attracts more customers and lives within the online world?

Over the years we have worked successfully with many types and sizes of retail from standalone kiosks,
independent owner-operators to chain stores.

CDM Retail provides solutions to both retailers and vendors with a focus on sales, profitability and best practices.

Serving British Columbia, Greater Vancouver and Vancouver Island BC. 

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What Services Are You Looking For?


concept & design 

Project Needs Assessment

Space Planning 

Fixture Design and Specifications

2D & 3D Drawings


Digital Displays


decor features


Power and Communications 

Ceiling and Lighting

Signage and Way-Finding 

Fixtures and Furniture

Uniqueness and Wow Factor   


project coordination

Landlord Design Criteria Requirements

Contractor Tender and Review

Finishes, Decor, Lighting and Fixture Sourcing

Vendor(s) Liaison, Coordination and Assistance

Engineering and Other Professionals Liaison

Site Visits and Follow Up

Working with CDM Retail 




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